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The hosts of TUAW's Talkcast continue their transcontinental tête-à-tête on their all-new show. Join Portland, OR's Kelly Guimont (@verso) and Brooklyn, NY's Michael T. Rose (@miketrose) as they chat about technology, geek culture, parenting and more.

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    Prepologizing From A Phone Booth

    We've come down from our Macstock high, and we're running through the Portland tourist highlights (on a rough weekend for Portland).

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    Wilford Brimley Years Old

    SPOILER ALERTS for Avengers: Endgame, if you haven't seen it already. Back when the Trailblazers were still in the playoffs…

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    Weaponized Mustache Wax

    Rounding up the usual suspects: Game of Thrones, new keyboards, basketball and more.

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    For Certain Values of Pants

    Recorded before + published after the big Apple announcements, so try to remember a world before we knew about the sad fate of AirPower.

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