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The hosts of TUAW's Talkcast continue their transcontinental tête-à-tête on their all-new show. Join Portland, OR's Kelly Guimont (@verso) and Brooklyn, NY's Michael T. Rose (@miketrose) as they chat about technology, geek culture, parenting and more.

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    Just Like Flying Cavemen

    Say it ain't so! Tekserve announces the end of its retail operations, and MacNN posts for the final time.

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    The Internet of Churns

    The hay fevers have hit with a vengeance. Also we recorded this before the NBA Finals began.

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    Pobody's Nerfect

    Cookie Monster pitches Siri, old encryption, and Kelly teases a new podcast!

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    8-Bit Respiratory Infections

    It's Groundhog Day... again. Don't forget your booties 'cause it's COOOOLD out there today! There's also a discussion of immunity to video game maladies.

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    The Cycle Of Internet Fame

    Kelly and Mike do a deep dive into USB audio interfaces, TUAW nostalgia, Macworld Expos past, and try to explain why people are famous to one another.

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    A Very Disney New Year

    A little CES preview, a little Pacific Northwest weather, and Kelly's advice for visiting Disney theme parks.

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