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The hosts of TUAW's Talkcast continue their transcontinental tête-à-tête on their all-new show. Join Portland, OR's Kelly Guimont (@verso) and Brooklyn, NY's Michael T. Rose (@miketrose) as they chat about technology, geek culture, parenting and more.

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    Can't Muster The Funny

    Wish we could be lighthearted, but it's a tough world out there. Tech equality & more.

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    Call It A Slow-Motion Rampage

    Part 2 of our very special episode with guest Kelly AuCoin! Trailblazer trivia, the fate of Pastor Tim, recommendations and more.

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    Better With A Healthy Nurkić

    An actual, legitimate VERY SPECIAL EPISODE featuring "Guest Kelly" AuCoin! #RipCity post-mortem, comic books, getting past the first chapter, and way more. Part 1 of a two-part episode.

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    Sounds Like a Dirty Punchline

    We're back -- and we've got a (rapidly expiring) basketball jones (R.I.P. Rip City), a new pair of AirPods, and a big anniversary to celebrate!

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    The Scaretober Edition

    Scary Halloween names, the weirdness of the Surface Studio, and Kelly's existential dissatisfaction with the MacBook Pro announcements.

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    Five Years On

    Remembering Steve Jobs, on the fifth anniversary of his death.

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    Just Like Flying Cavemen

    Say it ain't so! Tekserve announces the end of its retail operations, and MacNN posts for the final time.

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