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The hosts of TUAW's Talkcast continue their transcontinental tête-à-tête on their all-new show. Join Portland, OR's Kelly Guimont (@verso) and Brooklyn, NY's Michael T. Rose (@miketrose) as they chat about technology, geek culture, parenting and more.

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    Puppet Show of Commerce

    Hammering, anticipating, and the midlife crisis du jour. Happy iPhonemas!

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    Doofus Tech Dad At Your Service

    The episode from limbo! Recorded in August, released in September (and happy birthday to Mike). Talking about the experience of sending teenagers overseas when Doofus Tech Dad is on the job.

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    Prepologizing From A Phone Booth

    We've come down from our Macstock high, and we're running through the Portland tourist highlights (on a rough weekend for Portland).

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